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Dunamis Premium Spirits


Dunamis Premium Spirits was forged from the lifelong pursuit of greatness by Founder, Victor Young. Born to humble beginnings, Young was reared to accomplish excellence in every enterprise. And so it was…Victor’s grand quest to create “Premium Spirits for Extraordinary People” led to the creation of Dunamis, the highest level of greatness and grandeur.



aged rum


Spirits have been made using the same distilling methods for thousands of years. So when I decided to create Dunamis Premium Spirits, I knew I had to raise the bar to accomplish my dream of creating a spirit for those seeking to shape the future. 

Every epic movement starts with a name worthy of its mission so our name had to be something special. After months of trying to visually translate greatness, I discovered the word dunamis. It’s an ancient Greek word which means the highest level of greatness and power, and so it was. Dunamis Premium Spirits was birthed.

“Premium Spirits for Extraordinary People” became the mantra for our distillery with the mission of creating spirits worthy of future makers and world changers. Dunamis Premium Spirits answered the call of duty to create spirits worthy of those who will shape the future. Spirits whose blends are conducive to intellectual and authentic communication absent of aggressive behaviors. Dunamis Premium Spirits are for statesman and future makers who refuse to compromise tomorrow.  

Sincerely, Sir Victor Young, Founder